Brazilian Drum Workshop with Monobloco Sept. 5

BrazilianDayLADrumWorkshops2013Monobloco is in town and will be playing with SambaLa at the Hollywood Bowl on the evening of September 6 and 7.

On Thursday, September 5, they will be giving a workshop with SambaLa drummers and the public at Hothouse Studios in Santa Fe Springs from 8 – 11 pm.

Click HERE for details.

monobloco-05About Monobloco

The percussion group Monobloco, renowned for incorporating diverse rhythms and musical styles to a samba beat, was created in 2000 by the components of the band Pedro Luís e A Parede, also known as PLAP – Pedro Luís (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Mário Moura (bass guitar), C.A. Ferrari, Sidon Silva and Celso Alvim (drums and percussion). Today, Monobloco is among the Brazilian acts with the greatest number of performances all year round.

Monobloco’s eclectic repertoire goes from traditional carnival marchinhas by João Roberto Kelly to sambas by Cartola and Clara Nunes; from xotes by Alceu Valença to forrós by Luiz Gonzaga; from the Brazilian funk of MC Leonardo to pop songs by Paralamas do Sucesso, Raul Seixas and Tim Maia. Among the hits performed during the shows are Taj Mahal, Fio Maravilha, País Tropical and Santa Clara Clareou (all by Jorge Benjor), Rap do Real (by Pedro Luís and Rodrigo Maranhão) and São Gonça (by Farofa Carioca). This unexpected mixture is also seen in the array of instruments – electric and bass guitars are added to traditional samba school instruments such as cavaco, repique, tamborim, shaker, surdo and agogô.

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