The Brazilian Day in Los Angeles started in 2007 by the Brazilian Consulate in Beverly Hills California based on other Brazilian Days around the world, the first and largest being the Brazilian Day in New York which started almost 30 years ago and now boasts over one million participants.

In 2011, the Brazilian Consulate started the process of handing over the event to SambaLa Samba School who have been producing the Brazilian Street Carnaval for over 15 years.

SambaLa Samba School is combining their Brazilian Street Carnaval with this event which will be free to the public from now on.  SambaLa’s goal is to grow the Los Angeles Brazilian Day event to attract Globo TV and their celebrities and bands to the event.

What will make the Los Angeles version of the world-wide phenomena different from the rest is not only the inclusion of the Brazilian Street Carnaval featuring a Rio-Style parade and a Trio-Electrico parade, and of course: Hollywood!