Costumes for Brazilian Day Parade!

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Brasil o Meu Pais – The costume for women who will be parading in the Rio-Style parade at the Brazilian Day in LA.

Doris de Hilster, carnaval artist (carnavalesca) has designed two beautiful costumes for this year’s parade: Brasil o Meu Pais and Brasileirinha do Samba for the girls. The prices here are for the Brazilian Day only!

Brasil o Meu Pais

$95 (buy online now)

This costume is inspired by the Brazilian flag. The white stars on the blue background are from the southern constellation on the Brazilian flag where each star represents a state.  The yellow and gold, like on the flag represent the riches of Brazil, and the green feather represents the forest of Brazil, something we must continue to protect – thus the one feather showing the forest as a precious resource to preserve.

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Brasileirinha do Samba – This year’s costume for the girls parading in the children’s parade. Modeled by Samantha Arnold of SambaLa Samba School.

Brasileirinha do Samba

$35 (buy online now)

This very cute outfit is Brazilian through and through that celebrates the world cup with soccer balls on the top.

It includes a hat, neck piece, wrist pieces, and a belt.

Click here to buy yours online now before we run out.


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