Drum Practice Tonight, Congrats to Winners!

Photo by Richard Elfman of Chirstine Devine of Fox news with two of the winners for the contests, Joany Macias (Muse winner, left) and Diane Cavalcante (Queen or Rainha winner, right)

Drum Practice Tonight!

We have our drum or bateria practice tonight, Monday, August 27 for the Rio-Style and Bahian-Style parades for the Brazilian Day in LA.  Lead by master (mestre) Rodney D’Assis, we will be rehearsing at Ali Lexa’s studio in Los Angeles from 8 – 10 pm. Bring your drum!  Address is:

8-10 pm, 3231 Fay Ave. , Los Angeles, CA 90034

If you are a samba drum player, you are invited!

Samba Dance Classes in Long Beach on Tuesday

SambaLa’s weekly samba dance classes continue for the upcoming big event. Lead by SambaLa Madrinha, Valeria Ruggieri, come join us from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at Bodysport Capoeria in Long Beach at:

BodySport Capoeira
2236 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804

$15 a class, or $48 for 4 classes.

Congrats to our Winners!

We want to thank everyone who came to our Dance Contest and Fundraiser.  It was a packed house and resounding success!  Thanks to our celebrity judges for a great job and congrats to the winners:

Rainha da Bateria (Queen): Dianne Calvacante

First Princess: Sandra Grande

Second Princess: Irani da Silva

And to our 2012 Brazilian Day Carnaval Muse: Joany Macias

Special thanks to our sponsors Samba Steakhouse, Samba Collection, RioBela Productions, Josey Events, and super thanks to Doris de Hilster and Valeria Ruggieri. Here is a video of the announcement of the samba dance winners:

Photos coming shortly…

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