Mission Statement

Grow and Prosper

Brazilian Day in Los Angeles is a presentation by the local population of Brazilian heritage of the best of the Brazilian culture to the Los Angeles area community through the diversity of Brazil as reflected in its music, art, costume, food, and unique goods that this tropical country has to offer.

It is our hope that the Brazilian Day in Los Angeles will provide a platform for the local Brazilian community to work together in a positive and charitable way to enrich the diversity of America’s melting pot of culture.

It is our hope that in the future, the Brazilian Day in Los Angeles will grow both in size and stature deserving of the City of Angels and become a permanent fixture in the world-wide phenomena known as “Brazilian Day” started almost 30 years ago in New York City which now boasts over one million participants.

Contributing to this Event

We encourage all the local Brazilian community and those who love Brazil to volunteer their time, effort, and money to make this event all that it can be.

Together, we can show that Hollywood and the city of Angels too is a vital place where Brazilians and Brazil lovers make their mark in the new global Brazilian community.