• Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles

    The founders of the Brazilian Day in Los Angeles, the Brazilian Consulate continues to sponsor the event. The purpose of the Brazilian Consulate is to serve Brazilian citizens outside Brazil and be an official presence for Brazil in other countries. Besides this work, the Brazilian Consulate often helps foster cultural and business relationships between Brazil and their host country.

  • Silvio's Barbeque
    From catering and special events food vending to full-service dining, Silvio's is dedicated to serving up mouth-watering flavorful food in a family-friendly environment.
    The company was founded in 2003 by long time friends Doug Howarth and "Grill Master" Silvio Correa. Silvio's began as a catering company that specialized in authentic family-style BBQ, but soon expanded to food vending at sporting events, street festivals, and music festivals throughout California. .
    Silvio's is proud to offer its customers friendly service, and fresh, flavorful food with a unique flare. Whether you're diving into a plate of mouth-watering BBQ Chicken, or sipping on a Brazilian-infused specialty drink, you can be sure that Silvio himself has approved the quality, flavor, and feel so that you get an authentic experience. .
    Today Silvio's Brazilian BBQ owns and operates a bar & grill located on the Hermosa Beach Pier, caters for hundreds of special events a year, and supports multiple charitable causes, world-renowned MMA and AVP athletes through partnerships and sponsorships, and continues to be an important trendsetter in Southern California's food and restaurant industry.
  • Contemporanea

    Contemporanea has been a partner with the Brazilian Street Carnaval for many years and is also the sponsor for all of SambaLa's samba drums. They are by far the best drums from Brazil that are affordable, durable, and sound authentic!

  • SambaLa Samba School
    In March, 1994, SambaL's charter was signed. Launched on the final's of the World cup in 1994, SambaL got off to a wonderful start. And in April of 1995, SambaL Samba School became the first samba school in the world on the World Wide Web. Since then, the phenomenal growth of SambaL has been tremendous and is due to in part to its long history on the Internet.
    But its growth is due mostly to the spirit of its members and their love for Brazil and Samba. I hope that these pages reflect this love and make your visit to our small piece of cyberspace an enjoyable one!
    These pages like all WWW pages are in constant flux and are updated to reflect our every-growing and changing organization. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to use our comments form to send them at info@sambala.org.
  • Samba Collection

    Doris de Hilster of Samba Collection is not only the carnavalesca (Carnaval artist) for the event, but she is also a sponsor making many costumes and donating time, money, and materials to the event. Thanks Doris!

  • SWP Signs

    SUPER WIN PACIFIC INC.  founded in July 2014, is a modern enterprise engaged in the R&D, produce and marketing of advertisement materials &Equipment . We are a exclusive dealer for North America and Latin America market, for a  famous brand-"TOME". Based on the strong capital and technology strength.

    Phone : +1 310 406 5015

  • Balloons Dream Art and Events

    Balloons dream has over 10 years of experience proudly designing the most beautiful event decorations in the Los Angeles area. Our awesome founder, Luciana Oliva, is a CBA certified Artist, between many other certifications, courses and seminars. For Luciana, your imagination and desires must to be considered in the first place. And these, with our talent, knowledge and creativity, will become reality right before your eyes. Our mission is to amaze our clients, and inspire moments of joy and celebration, with our best efforts. “Special dates will always be remembered as big celebrations”. – Luciana Oliva. Phone: 310-469-2930

  • Brazil Without Barriers

    In 2009, Roque and Rebecca Araujo went to Salvador (Bahia), Brazil and visited their friends, the founders of the Associação Beneficiente Cultural e Religiosa Cajado de Prata (ABCR), a local association formed to improve the quality of life in their favela community. They were moved and inspired by the outreach program their friends had created, their passion for change, their dedication as volunteers, and the overwhelming participation from the members of their neighborhood. Within two months of opening, ABCR had over 80 students registered for their classes, over 75% children. The demand for their classes was even greater than they anticipated.

  • F.J. Productions
    F.J.PRODUCTIONS is a full service film and TV production company. We develop and produce everything from live TV remote shoots, to documentaries, TV commercials, TV programs, video vignettes and webcasts. We are a one stop production facility. We take a project from initial concept development through production, post production and distribution.
    Over the years we have produced TV shows, sports events, documentaries, TV commercials and industrials. In the process we have built successful relationships with broadcasters, clients and vendors, in the United States and abroad.
    With a talented and dedicated team of professionals, F.J.Productions has established itself in this competitive arena as a reliable and competent production shop, able to conform to budgets and adhere to tough deadlines and strict technical standards. Some of our programs have aired in major networks around the globe: The Hollywood Reporter TV (HBO Latina and syndication); Red Carpet Reporter (Syndication); Planeta Brasil (TV Globo); Shape Up (Fox and Lightworks Program Distribution), Uncommon Place (Multishow), Shop the World (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC) and others.
    F.J.Productions has a studio in Sherman Oaks, California and a TV crew based in New York.
  • RioBela Productions

    Brazilian Themed Event Planning Company RioBela Productions is an Event Planning & Production company dedicated to creating lively, colorful events with a touch of Brazilian style. We specialize in corporate events, stage productions, private parties, award shows, beauty pageants, club nights, and Brazilian Carnaval events.

    Whether you're hosting an elegant gala event for thousands of people or a Brazilian BBQ dinner for a small group, we can take care of your every need. We can provide every need right down to the minutest details; including catering, live music, DJ's, Samba Dancers, Capoeira demonstrations, tents of all sizes, stages, bar set ups, crystal and fine china, silverware and glassware, lighting, security and service personnel and all the additional items to make your event an unforgettable experience.

    RioBela Productions was founded in 2003 by Rio de Janeiro native, Valeria Ruggieri. Valeria has been a registered event planner since 2003 and has planned or been a part of the production of such high profile events as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, The Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, Rio de Janeiro Samba Parade, Latin Grammy Awards and many other high profile events.

    Valeria Ruggieri has been a Member and volunteer of Sambala Samba School since 1998 and RioBela Productions has been Sponsoring and assisting with the Brazilian Street Carnaval Production since 2003.

    RioBela Productions is also the Founder and Producer of Charity event Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant, an annual pageant to assist the children and women of Brazil in need. www.braziliansummerbeauty.org

  • Brazil Soul TV

    Created by filmmaker Rogerio Rezende and collaborated by journalist Lindenberg Junior, Soul Brazil TV is a web based TV broadcast in English. It is a very casual, informal chat with the main goal being to cover elements of Brazilian culture such as art, dance, music, sports and cuisine. The shows format includes interviews and events presented in a very dynamic and youthful way with the intention of being an excellent source for Brazilian cultural activities in the greater Los Angeles area. There is a special segment designed to showcase the creativity and talent of various Brazilians, which promises to be a very interesting highlight of the show. We know a lot of people are very interested in Brazilian culture and for good reason; Brazilians have a natural lust for life that is magnetic. We want more people to experience this warm, fun, unique and beautiful culture!

    The objective of this show is publicize and promote the Brazilian culture in all its various forms such as music, art, dance, sports and cuisine with interviews and coverage
    of events in a very dynamic and youthful, besides being a source of Brazilian cultural calendar in greater Los Angeles.

    The show not only aim the Americans but also all foreigners and Brazilian interest or curious in the subject, in addition to also find out about future events that will happen in thegreater Los Angeles. We will have also a segment specially designed to promote and disseminate the Brazilian or any kind of expression that has an outstanding importancein American society and thus also promote Brazil. All interviews in this program will be in English, very casual, approaching an informal chat.

  • KPFK

    Pacifica was born in the late 1940's out of the (now nearly forgotten) peace movement surrounding World War Two. Lewis Hill, a conscientious objector and Washington, D.C. newsman, was fired from his mainstream reporting job when he refused to misrepresent the facts.

    This was a time when the idea of a listener-sponsored radio station was a new one which had never been implemented. Many people doubted the viability of a broadcast model which didn't rely on some kind of corporate or government funding. But the idea was too compelling for Hill and others who agreed with him. Pacifica was born and in 1949 KPFA went on the air from Berkeley, California.

    KPFK, in Los Angeles, was the second of what would eventually become five Pacifica Stations to go on the air. It was 1959 and Terry Drinkwater was the first General Manager. Blessed with an enormous transmitter in a prime location, KPFK is the most powerful of the Pacifica stations and indeed is the most powerful public radio station in the Western United States.

  • Soul Brasil

    Soul Brasil magazine started from a dream on January 1, 2002, after partying down the whole night celebrating the New Year. It was the kickoff of this project. In June 11, 2002, our dream became a reality and Soul Brasil magazine was distributed for the first time in the Brazilian Summer Festival at the ford Amphitheater in Hollywood. Since then, we continue with our hard work, a lot of perseverance, professionalism and integrity, as well positivism in mind! We are growing step by step and from 3,000 issues and 24 pages with the first edition, we reach 10,000 issues and 36 pages in our edition number 10. We started with 56 points of distribution, which 44 was Brazilians and a few not Brazilians. In the summer of 2004, we reached 219 points of distribution, which 139 was Brazilians and 80 was Americans (or not Brazilians). Today (Dec/2006) we print 15.000 magazines for each of the 6 regular issues per year and 20.000 magazines in our summer annual special issue. Our circulation is based in Los Angeles County (48%%), Santa Barbara County (7%), San Diego County (13%), Orange County (5%), Bay Area/San Francisco (20%), Las Vegas (2%) and others (5% that include Hawaii and all Brazilian Consulates in U.S ).

  • South Winds Travel

    Welcome to South Winds Travel & Tours. A tour operator and wholesaler for over 15 years, South Winds Travel & Tours can confidently call itself a South America Specialist.

  • Brazil Exotic Foods

    Great Brazilian Food that excites!

  • Brazil Loops

    Brazil Loops on your iPhone today!

  • Edu Remessas

    Money trasnfer to Latin America. Send money quickly and safely to Brazil for a great rate and price! contact@eduremessas.com, or call 310-815-0101.

  • Rainbow Goodies

    Delicious shaved iced in a rainbow of flavors and also Brazilian-style hot dogs.

  • Bodysport Capoeira

    BodySport Capoeira (Capoeira Esporte do Corpo in Portuguese) was formed in late 2006 and is located in Long Beach, CA. The group is led by Mestre (Master) Roque, a native of the city of Salvador, Bahia - Brazil.

    In June 2010, we moved to our own academy in Long Beach! We are excited to have our own space, which helps us to share the vibrancy of Brazilian culture in our neighborhood through ongoing classes, workshops, and events. We host a variety of great classes that encourage education, healthy and active living, and community building.

  • Pelourinho

    Our site takes the name from a very special and particular neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia, where slaves were auctioned by slave traders to the rich farmers of the new world. Today Pelourinho is one of the most visited parts of Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, which continues to thrive being and making history and carrying forward the

  • Sabor da Bahia

    Authentic Bahian Food (moqueca de Peice, camaroa, arroz branco, acaraje, abara, e vatapa). Bahia is a northern state in Brazil.

  • Brazil Explore

    BrazilExplore.com and BrazilExploreMagazine are part of a young company with strong standing in the Brazilian community. Our goal is to offer information and quality service, thereby strengthening our community in the United States and also Brazil.

    BrazilExplore.com is a bilingual portal, a useful tool for Brazilians living outside Brazil and for others that love our culture.

  • Chris Brazil

    DJ Chris Brazil spins the best of Brazilian Music throughout Southern California and the western United States. Chris also produces various Brazilian-themed nights and shows and has continued to contribute greatly to the local Brazilian Community.